Can I Afford A Straighter Smile?

Can I Afford A Straighter Smile?

moneybagPatients often become excited at the prospect of achieving the beautiful, straight smile they have always dreamed of seeing in their reflection. However, this is often followed by a shrug of the shoulders, a quick frown, and dismissal. If you are like many patients, you may find yourself wanting orthodontic care but assuming you will not be able to afford it. Rest assured, we are ready to speak with you about your budget and guide you toward a solution.

3 Ways Toward Effective Orthodontic Treatment

3redballoonHave you been wondering whether there’s a particular approach to ensure effective orthodontic treatment? Beyond receiving the system that will align your smile, what are your responsibilities, for instance? Are there things you should be doing in a proactive manner, so the treatment is successful – or do you just sit back and relax? Fortunately, successful care is simple to achieve. Look over a few helpful ideas to remain on track toward your soon-to-be-improved grin.

A New Smile In Six Months – Really?

really?If you have heard of the system called Six Month Smiles, then you likely already have some hopes and concerns – even if you don’t know too much about it. As the name suggests, you have the option to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile with accelerated treatment that cuts down on the amount of time generally required of orthodontic care. To get you started on a journey toward a smile that looks more beautiful (quite quickly), we are happy to answer some FAQs that our patients often ask.

How Do I Address My Misalignment?

questionsmindYou may have some very good intentions for improving the alignment of your smile. In fact, in addition to wanting a straighter, more uniform smile, you may even have some significant reasons for this choice. Perhaps you are dealing with bruxism or other functional concerns that you may improve by adjusting your bite. What you might not be so familiar with, however, is where to begin when seeking orthodontic care. Don’t worry – though this may feel somewhat overwhelming at first, we are here to walk you through the process.

Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!