What is Malocclusion? And Other Crooked Teeth Questions

What is Malocclusion? And Other Crooked Teeth Questions

what is malocclusion and other crooked teeth questionsMalocclusion is the technical term for teeth that don’t fit together properly, and can describe a variety of types of crooked teeth. Like the condition itself, there are also a variety of options for treating it, depending on its severity. The good news is that many adults with malocclusion can find a comfortable, discreet solution with our choice of cosmetic orthodontic systems. Before you choose a treatment, however, we answer a few common questions about crooked teeth, and how you can straighten them with your choice of cosmetic orthodontics.

3 Things Not To Do With Aligner Trays

3goldAre you wearing aligner trays to improve your smile? If so, it’s a very exciting journey that will result in minimal daily disruption. Why? Well, because the trays are clear, they’re thin, most people don’t even see them in your mouth, and you can continue to eat and practice dental hygiene like usual! However, this seemingly easy approach toward a straight smile can become complicated if you make a misstep or two with your trays. Allow us to make some helpful suggestions to keep everything right on track.

Good Questions To Ask Us

womantalkbubbleAre you interested in orthodontic care, so you can reap all of the benefits that come with a beautifully aligned smile? Do you find that before you make your decision, you would like to ask us some questions – but you’re curious about so much that you don’t really know where to start? This is a common issue that can leave patients feeling a bit “stuck.” Good news – we are equipped with some frequently asked questions that you should feel comfortable asking (and that might spur on the formation of some additional specific inquiries you would like to bring up).

3 Surprising Benefits Of ClearCorrect

benefitsblueWhen you find that you are interested in aligning your smile, you may discover the exciting benefits of ClearCorrect treatment. It utilizes clear aligner trays, which are nice and thin (and barely visible to other people). This benefit alone is generally enough to cause a patient to exclaim, “Sign me up!” However, as you start giving treatment more thought, you may find yourself feeling a little worried about potential problems with the trays. Good news: By learning about a few surprising advantages of treatment, those worries will become a thing of the past.

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