3 Surprising Benefits Of ClearCorrect

benefitsblueWhen you find that you are interested in aligning your smile, you may discover the exciting benefits of ClearCorrect treatment. It utilizes clear aligner trays, which are nice and thin (and barely visible to other people). This benefit alone is generally enough to cause a patient to exclaim, “Sign me up!” However, as you start giving treatment more thought, you may find yourself feeling a little worried about potential problems with the trays. Good news: By learning about a few surprising advantages of treatment, those worries will become a thing of the past.

Benefit #1: Minimal Irritation (Or None)

One of the main concerns regarding traditional braces is potential irritation. Fortunately, not only are the ClearCorrect treatment trays barely visible – but they are also quite smooth. You can expect to wear them, while experiencing a very small amount of irritation (if any at all).

Benefit #2: Smooth Talkin’

You will find that the ClearCorrect treatment trays fit comfortably and without much movement. Since they are nice and slim – not bulky – and stay in place, you can expect to adjust quickly. After this brief period of getting used to the trays, you can speak articulately without any trouble at all.

Benefit #3: Trays Are Safe

If you’re someone who tends to take a close look at the ingredients in your food – and the composition of the products you use – finding out that the ClearCorrect treatment trays are made of plastic may cause some worry. Fortunately, they are composed of US-made plastic free of BPA.


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