3 Things Not To Do With Aligner Trays

3goldAre you wearing aligner trays to improve your smile? If so, it’s a very exciting journey that will result in minimal daily disruption. Why? Well, because the trays are clear, they’re thin, most people don’t even see them in your mouth, and you can continue to eat and practice dental hygiene like usual! However, this seemingly easy approach toward a straight smile can become complicated if you make a misstep or two with your trays. Allow us to make some helpful suggestions to keep everything right on track.

#1: Don’t Put Them In Your Pocket

Do everything in your power to keep your aligner tray case with you when you’re away from home (actually, try to keep it with you always). Shoving your trays into a pocket or any other tight space can damage them. Wrapping them in a tissue or napkin can cause them to accidentally end up in a trashcan. Rely on your case, so they remain safe.

#2: Don’t Eat With Them In Your Mouth

No matter what, take your aligner trays out to eat. You don’t want to damage them, stain them, or irritate your smile if food becomes trapped within them. Just take them out when you eat or drink (anything but water).

#3: Don’t Place Them In Hot Water

This doesn’t just mean don’t soak them in a cup of hot water. This essentially means: Keep the away from hot liquids. Want a sip of coffee or soup? Take them out first! Need to clean them? Don’t hold them under a stream of hot water. This suggestion is important because hot water can alter the tray shape, which will disrupt the success of treatment.


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