Good Questions To Ask Us

womantalkbubbleAre you interested in orthodontic care, so you can reap all of the benefits that come with a beautifully aligned smile? Do you find that before you make your decision, you would like to ask us some questions – but you’re curious about so much that you don’t really know where to start? This is a common issue that can leave patients feeling a bit “stuck.” Good news – we are equipped with some frequently asked questions that you should feel comfortable asking (and that might spur on the formation of some additional specific inquiries you would like to bring up).

Question #1: How Long Will Treatment Take?

We encourage you to ask this question, so you can consider what it will take to fit orthodontic care into your life – and whether you need to begin at a certain time in your life (perhaps you are getting married in the future and want to be sure your treatment will be complete). Remember that we can offer estimates but that providing specific timetables and dates is not possible because every patient’s treatment time is unique.

Question #2: Why Not XYZ Treatment?

You may be perfectly happy with the plan we have laid out for your orthodontic care but you can’t help wondering why we chose a particular system over another. Don’t worry – asking about this won’t offend us! We want you to feel completely confident about your care with us, so ask away.

Question #3: Can I Have A Care Demonstration (Again)?

We are always happy to re-explain (or demonstrate) something, whether you’re worried you’re not cleaning your aligner trays correctly or you have some other simple question. Let us know what you’re thinking, so we can offer the clarification you need.


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