What is Malocclusion? And Other Crooked Teeth Questions

what is malocclusion and other crooked teeth questionsMalocclusion is the technical term for teeth that don’t fit together properly, and can describe a variety of types of crooked teeth. Like the condition itself, there are also a variety of options for treating it, depending on its severity. The good news is that many adults with malocclusion can find a comfortable, discreet solution with our choice of cosmetic orthodontic systems. Before you choose a treatment, however, we answer a few common questions about crooked teeth, and how you can straighten them with your choice of cosmetic orthodontics.

If my teeth were straight as a kid, can they become crooked in adulthood?

Malocclusion is most commonly genetic. Children with crooked teeth likely have parents or grandparents will similar bite problems. Sometimes, however, teeth can grow out of alignment even if they were straight throughout your childhood and early adulthood. Issues like bruxism (consistent teeth-grinding), a dental injury, or missing teeth can lead to remaining teeth being forced out of alignment, and you may require adult orthodontics to straighten them.

What are cosmetic orthodontic braces?

When children exhibit crooked teeth, orthodontic braces may be necessary not only to straighten them, but also to help guide still-developing teeth into proper alignment. As an adult, however, you may be a candidate for cosmetic braces, which may include advanced brackets and wires or clear, custom-designed plastic aligners (depending on which system you choose).

How do I know with system is best for me?

Cosmetic orthodontics like Powerprox, Six Month Smiles, and ClearCorrect are designed to minimize or eliminate discomfort and embarrassment. Whether you wish for faster treatment with discreet brackets and wires, or a more discreet and comfortable option with clear acrylic aligners, your dentist will work closely with you to choose a system that works best for your malocclusion and your personal preferences.


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