Halloween: 3 Quick Ways To Damage Your Braces

Halloween: 3 Quick Ways To Damage Your Braces

halloweencandywrappedYou want to make it through Halloween having had a wonderful time and without destroying the orthodontic treatment you’re receiving to straighten your smile. However, you also want to eat all sorts of delightful things, such as candy. As a result, you may feel like your head is spinning as you attempt to figure out if there’s a way all of these hopes and dreams of yours can co-exist! Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to make it through the holiday without feeling like you’re missing out and without messing up your braces. We present you with a few ways damage can quickly happen (so you can avoid such problems at all costs).

Orthodontics: Prepare For Care

smilegreenbackgroundAre you feeling more and more interested in doing something about your misaligned smile? Do you find that you’re also feeling more and more hesitant to call us about orthodontic care because you have a lot of questions about how to prepare for care? Perhaps you don’t know if it’s within your budget or how you will pay. Maybe you aren’t quite sure about whether we offer the particular option you will need to address your unique concerns. The good news is that our approach is both compassionate and comprehensive, which allows us to offer the most personalized care possible. Consider some ways we make this a reality.

Bruxism And Misalignment

womancoveringmouthHave you been diagnosed with bruxism and told that a primary contributor to this problem is your misalignment? Are you fully on board with the idea of achieving a straight smile through orthodontic treatment but you’re having a hard time connecting the dots? Bruxism on its own can cause enough confusion, let alone adding details about your bite and braces into the mix. To help you understand what’s going on and quickly begin improving your oral health, we recommend you consider some helpful information.

ClearCorrect Process Questions

questionmarkblueAre you noticing that you like the general idea of receiving ClearCorrect treatment but you are worried about what you can expect from the entire process? Perhaps you are concerned that there’s some hidden catch that makes it more complex than you initially thought. Maybe you are nervous that you’ll have to visit us too frequently (Hint: you won’t), so you’re a little hesitant. Fortunately, relying on these aligner trays is actually as simple and effective as it sounds. As for common concerns, let us help with some reassurance.

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