ClearCorrect Treatment Quiz: Combatting Discoloration

ClearCorrect Treatment Quiz: Combatting Discoloration

quiztalkbubblesHave you been wondering lately if you need to protect the clarity and near invisibility of your ClearCorrect treatment trays? Or, are you under the assumption that they’re quite resistant (if not immune) to staining, so you don’t really worry too much about it? In a nutshell, it’s important to recognize that these trays can, in fact, become discolored. As for the specifics, let’s quickly test your knowledge (and fill your mind up with some helpful facts).

Orthodontics: For A Lifelong Healthy Smile

womanjumpingforjoyHave you ever heard someone mention that orthodontic care protects your smile? If so, you may have laughed to yourself, wondering how such a thing might be possible. Or, you may have felt a spark of hope (after all, it gives you a very substantial, health-based reason to seek a straighter smile). Though you might have some trouble conjuring up the ways orthodontics can act preventively to protect your oral health, you will certainly quickly become familiar with what makes this true (and how it can benefit you for a lifetime).

Thanksgiving: 3 Simple Steps For Protecting ClearCorrect Trays

thanksgivingleavesEspecially if you’re new to wearing ClearCorrect trays, you may find yourself wondering how to navigate meals. Specifically, you may wonder what to do if you’re planning on attending a Thanksgiving dinner. Do you just go without your trays? Do you eat with them in place just this one time? How to approach this experience that should be carefree and enjoyable but that’s suddenly becoming somewhat anxiety-ridden? Don’t worry. Three simple steps will show you it’s no big deal.

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