3 Ways We Hide Your Treatment

You keep hearing that we offer cosmetic braces and that they will be barely visible but do you really know what that means? If you’re not super familiar with orthodontic treatments then this probably sounds exciting to you (but you are also probably very unsure about the specifics). If it sounds too good to be true, get ready: It’s not! We are happy to share the way we can help you achieve a straight smile without wearing a glaringly obvious treatment on your teeth.

We Hide The Brackets

Perhaps you really need out of sight care. If so, you may wish to learn more about Powerprox. We provide it with the use of clear brackets or lingual braces. If you’re unfamiliar with “lingual” this just means that the brackets will be placed on the backside of each tooth, so they’re completely hidden (don’t worry, you will quickly adjust!).

Did We Mention We Offer Clear Brackets?

If you choose Six Month Smiles, you are signing up for a sped-up version of orthodontic treatment, which will safely and quickly align your smile. This is generally suggested for patients in need of a simple fix (not full misalignment issues). The system relies on the use of clear brackets, as well as wires that blend with the shade of your teeth. As a result, it’s quite difficult to see.

We Provide Thin, Clear Trays

You may have heard of ClearCorrect if you’ve been on the hunt for nearly invisible orthodontic treatment. This is a system that does not use brackets or wires. Instead, you’ll be wearing trays over your teeth. They’re clear, super-thin, made of plastic, and hard to see. While they don’t appear to be there to most people, they do address a surprisingly broad list of misalignment issues.


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