Braces and Photos: Can They Mix?

Braces and Photos: Can They Mix?

Who doesn’t want to look as good as possible in a photo? If you are taking steps to correct misaligned teeth, or make your smile the best it can be, does that mean ducking out of photos? Absolutely not! There are a number of almost invisible orthdontic options to straighten teeth or correct jaw alignment. Some options have completely removable trays, that can be discreetly stored away when the cameras come out. If you keep your eye on the big picture: straighter teeth for the rest of your life, mixing braces and photos is no problem at all.

Holiday Blunders That Can Destroy Orthodontic Treatments

Yep, it’s absolutely true: There are some blunders that are very, very easy to avoid. However, if you choose not to pay attention to them, you can end up causing some very serious damage to the orthodontic treatment that you’re currently receiving. This might be brackets and wires. It might include clear aligner trays. Whatever the case, we advise you to take a quick listen to the things we have in mind and then steer clear of them to the best of your ability. Remember, your orthodontic experience won’t last forever. Avoiding certain risks is well worth making it through without creating complications in the process.

Good Times To Begin Orthodontic Care

When is a good time to begin your orthodontic care, you might wonder to yourself? Well, the truth is that just about any time is a good time. However, since you are probably someone with a schedule that doesn’t exactly allow for the spur of the moment oral health decisions and because making this choice is a fairly big decision, we know you might need a little help with making that first step. Not to worry! We actually have some very beneficial suggestions.

Orthodontics And Holiday Time: Keep Your Smile Approachable!

Ah, yes! The joy of attending holiday functions, while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. On one hand, you’ll feel wonderful knowing that by this time next year, you’ll probably be done with your course of treatment and your smile will look fantastic. However, right now, what you’re most worried about is getting through parties and meals without food stuck between your brackets and without anyone seeing you pull your clear aligner trays out of your mouth. Don’t worry. We are full of helpful and easy hints.

Aligner Trays Quiz: All About Candidacy

When you’ve got a friend with clear aligner trays for orthodontic treatment, you may have that aha! moment when that imaginary light bulb goes off over your head. This seems like just what you’ve been hoping for: An orthodontic treatment that can work but that is not as obvious and in-the-way as the metal braces you’ve always envisioned. However, who will it work for? For yourself? For your child? Get the scoop on candidacy details from a quick quiz.

Trays: 2 Things You Must Remember

Are you wearing clear braces with the use of aligner trays? If so, you know that on one hand, it’s an absolute walk in the park! You don’t need to worry about being inconvenienced during the day if it’s time to eat (you can remove the trays) or if it’s time to brush and floss (again, you may take them out). However, we like to remind you not to get too relaxed with your efforts. Remaining on track will help you not only enjoy an aligned smile but also keep your smile healthy throughout the process. Let’s talk!

3 Details To Keep In Mind About Orthodontic Treatment

Have you decided to move forward with orthodontic treatment for your smile but you are feeling a little anxious? It’s one thing, of course, to think about receiving care. However, as the date for beginning your treatment approaches, you may feel a little antsy about getting started. Rest assured, this is perfectly normal! To help you along through this brief transition, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind.

3 Reasons You Need A Consultation

You may feel like you need to research as much as you possibly can on your own when it comes to orthodontic care for your smile. As a result, you may continue to put off the decision to schedule a consultation with us. You may feel like you don’t know enough. You may have read that your smile can’t be helped by orthodontic treatments (probably not true). You may not know how to get started with your care, so you end up feeling a bit shy and waiting. Whatever the case, we’d like to motivate you to come in for an initial visit with some reasons it’s a very good idea to do so!

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