Can I Have My Braces Now, Please?

You may feel completely ready for your orthodontic treatment but does that mean the time is right? When it comes to choosing and placing an orthodontic care system for your needs, this isn’t something we can do in an instant. Instead, it requires a bit of prep and planning. To find out more regarding what it takes to get started, we invite you to make your way through some helpful facts.

Your Smile Must Be Healthy

If you’re in need of a root canal treatment and fillings, it’s certainly not time just yet to move forward with orthodontic care. Instead, whether you’re in need of serious or minor restorative treatment, we will need to get your oral health back in order first. Then, once your smile is healthy, we can start talking seriously about which treatment will work best to align your smile.

We’ll Do More Than Take A Peek

We don’t just take a peek inside your mouth and instantly announce which treatment will suit you best. Instead, we take digital X-rays and get a detailed understanding of your smile to ensure you receive the best treatment for your needs.

Age Matters (For Youngsters)

Perhaps your child’s smile is showing signs of misalignment at an early age. This does not mean we are going to move forward with a full set of braces at age six! What it does mean is that it’s a good time to get started with monitoring your child’s smile for such treatment, as well as planning for the future. To be sure you’re on track, simply schedule preventive dental checkups for your little one every six months and let us know you are interested in orthodontic care.


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