Treatment According To Your Needs

When you’re making your way through the orthodontic care treatment options that may or may not work for you, something quite clear begins to appear: The fact that not all treatments are made for all types of misalignment. For instance, one treatment that works solely for mild cosmetic needs will not do anything for severe misalignment. To ensure you get started on your journey with a solid foundation of knowledge, let’s break down the details, so you have a much better understanding of which treatment works for your level of alignment needs.

Just The Teeth That Show

We will likely suggest Six Month Smiles as your orthodontic care treatment for you if you are just having an issue with the teeth that show when you smile. Translation: You aren’t dealing with any serious type of misalignment concern. What you are having a problem with is the fact that your visible teeth are a little bit spaced or crooked. In this case, you can achieve a beautiful smile within just six months!

Minor Improvement For All Teeth

You’re going to want to learn more about Powerprox if you are dealing with a minor misalignment issue that is affecting all of your teeth. This means that while your concerns are primarily cosmetic in nature, the issue requires the shifting of your entire smile. Talk with us about this accelerated option for making your smile much prettier.

Comprehensive Care For Moderate To Severe Misalignment

If you’re suffering from moderate to severe misalignment, you may have serious spacing or overcrowding issues, over bite, under bite, open bite, or cross bite. These are not simply cosmetic concerns but require the help of orthodontic care like ClearCorrect. Surprise! You won’t need brackets or wires, just the use of clear aligner trays. How about that?


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