3 Things To Always Avoid While Wearing Braces

3 Things To Always Avoid While Wearing Braces

There are some obvious things you shouldn’t do when you’re wearing braces. Or, at least we think they’re pretty obvious. We know that as you become accustomed to wearing brackets and wires, it’s often easy to forget to remain cautious of factors that may lead to the damage of your orthodontic work. To ensure you’ve got a running list going in your mind of things to watch out for, we offer up a few easy-to-overlook details.

2 Common Ways Patients Lose Aligner Trays

It’s more common than you might think that patients lose their aligner trays. Unfortunately, this means you need a replacement and it may lead to additional costs. While we all misplace things occasionally, you don’t really want to go without your ClearCorrect treatment for more than two to four hours a day. To help you recognize some common instances in which patients lose their trays, you can make a mental note and do your best to remain quite vigilant to avoid becoming a victim to these pitfalls.

Avoiding Post-Braces Teeth Discoloration

When you’re wearing traditional braces (as opposed to clear aligners) on your smile as your orthodontic treatment, you run the risk of walking away with uneven stains after the treatment comes off. This can be a bit awkward looking, since the tissue beneath your brackets will remain unstained. As you may have imagined, you’re not without hope! You already know that drinking and eating staining foods is a major no-no but you probably need some additional advice. Fortunately, by taking care of your smile and considering helpful details, you can keep your teeth nice and clean and free of discoloration.

Six Month Smiles: Lodged Food, Stains, And Solutions

When you’ve chosen Six Month Smiles to correct your misalignment, you are in luck. You get all the benefits of traditional braces without having to deal with metal brackets and wires. Instead, you’ve got clear brackets on your teeth, which we shift with the help of tooth-colored wires! So, your treatment is practically invisible, right? Well, that is, until you get food stuck between your braces or you end up staining the brackets. How to keep your smile clean and your treatment is unnoticeable as ever? We are always ready with some helpful tips on hand!

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