Introducing: Ortho-Tain Treatment

Introducing: Ortho-Tain Treatment

As you may have gathered if you have been thinking about doing something to align your smile (or that of your son or daughter), advances in orthodontic care have become quite impressive. You are no longer looking at metal braces as your only option but at a surprisingly vast medley of choices that may not require brackets or wires at all! Today, we explain Ortho-Tain treatment, which works for most smiles for patients ages five and up!

Can Orthodontics Help With Headaches?

You might have heard some mention of the fact that orthodontic care can help address headaches. Never one to ignore something that sounds logical (and would offer you the relief you need), perhaps you’ve been poking around a bit online and asking friends and family members about this detail. Fortunately, it is absolutely possible that your misaligned teeth are contributing to (or simply causing) your chronic discomfort. Curious about why this is the case? Learn a little more and remember to set up a consultation soon if you’re ready to alleviate the issue and to achieve a straight smile.

Aren’t I Too Old For Orthodontics?

When you look around when you’re out and about, you might notice that there are a lot of kids and teens out there wearing braces. What you might not recognize, however, is the fact that there are a lot of adults out there wearing some orthodontic treatments, too. In many instances, this is because like you, they feel like they might be too old, so they opt for less obvious orthodontic systems like clear aligner trays! So, in short, nope … you are not too old. For some supporting evidence to back that statement up, we offer advice.

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