Clear Aligner Trays: Keeping Them Clear

When you wear clear aligner tray treatment to align your teeth, such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect, one of the major benefits is the fact that the trays are clear, so most people even within close distance won’t notice them. This is a fantastic advantage of wearing clear aligner trays … that is, provided that you actually keep your trays clean and clear. Do you know if you’re protecting them, so you can enjoy the incognito approach to treatment that they afford you? Let’s make sure you’re not making any minor (or major) mistakes!

Don’t Drink or Eat With Them In

You have heard this before but you might occasionally wonder if it’s true (and it is). Don’t drink or eat when you’re wearing your clear aligner trays. If it’s cool to lukewarm water, then you’re in the clear. Aside from that, you can most certainly discolor the trays and damage your smile.

Rinse And Brush After You Eat

Good for you, you take your clear aligner trays out of your mouth before you eat and drink! However, are you rinsing your smile (and brushing when you can) before you place them back in? If not, you run the risk of some discoloration. The staining particles still remain on your teeth if you don’t clean them, which will then transfer to the trays.

Don’t Smoke With Them!

If you smoke while you wear clear aligner trays, you can most certainly expect to deal with discolored trays. We strongly suggest against this decision!

Don’t Cheat!

Think you can get away with drinking coffee with your trays in just this once? It’s never worth it. When you cheat the rules once, you can end up with damage and you are more likely to do it again. Follow the rules and treatment will be complete in no time!

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