Orthodontics: Addressing Common Misconceptions

Where would you say that you are at the moment when it comes to your orthodontic treatment journey? Is it something you’re thinking about but you’re not at all sure if orthodontics can help your smile? If so, you may find yourself bogged down by uncertainty, assumptions, hearsay, and more. What you likely need, so you can begin moving forward toward a plan for a straight smile, is to have some common misconceptions cleared up! Get started with some factual details and give us a call, so we can talk about your smile and how to align it!

Misconceptions And Facts

Misconception: If you have very severe misalignment, you may not be able to ever achieve a straight, beautiful smile through the use of orthodontic treatment, etc.

Fact: There’s a broad spectrum of misalignment type and severity. The good news is that even if you’re facing a need for intensive improvement, it’s always possible. If you want a straight smile, come talk with us!

Misconception: If you’re faced with a very minor concern that leaves your smile looking less than uniform, you have no choice but to go through a full course of orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. There’s just no other option.

Fact: Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of solutions to ensure the treatment you receive fits your needs. For cosmetic purposes (such as simply addressing some slightly crooked teeth), you may choose something like Six Month Smiles for quick, beautiful results.

Misconception: Orthodontic treatment is mostly for people who can easily invest heavily in their smiles. For everyone else, it’s not a very accessible option.

Fact: Actually, it’s more accessible than most people realize. In many cases, your dental insurance will provide coverage. In addition, we offer financing options, so you can afford the care you want.

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