3 Details To Keep In Mind About Orthodontic Treatment

3 Details To Keep In Mind About Orthodontic Treatment

Have you decided to move forward with orthodontic treatment for your smile but you are feeling a little anxious? It’s one thing, of course, to think about receiving care. However, as the date for beginning your treatment approaches, you may feel a little antsy about getting started. Rest assured, this is perfectly normal! To help you along through this brief transition, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind.

3 Reasons You Need A Consultation

You may feel like you need to research as much as you possibly can on your own when it comes to orthodontic care for your smile. As a result, you may continue to put off the decision to schedule a consultation with us. You may feel like you don’t know enough. You may have read that your smile can’t be helped by orthodontic treatments (probably not true). You may not know how to get started with your care, so you end up feeling a bit shy and waiting. Whatever the case, we’d like to motivate you to come in for an initial visit with some reasons it’s a very good idea to do so!

Braces And Gingivitis: 3 Tips For Prevention

It’s never good to develop gingivitis. As you may have already realized, when you have braces on your teeth, it can become even easier to develop this problem for multiple reasons. First, it’s easier for food to become trapped on brackets and beneath gum tissue. Second, you will need to become more detailed with your dental hygiene, which may seem a little more challenging at first. So, how to avoid adding a periodontal problem into the mix when what you’re trying to do is successfully align your smile? We thought you’d never ask! Allow us to offer all the help you need.

Aligner Trays: Make Good Choices On Halloween

Are you wearing aligner trays as your orthodontic treatment? If so, have you laid out some serious plans for how to manage your treatment on Halloween? Or, are you hoping to simply do your best and you assume that it will all work out beautifully? If it’s the latter, we strongly suggest you take a moment to consider the way festive nights can wreak havoc with your otherwise responsible attention to detail! With some helpful ideas, you can avoid accidents that will leave you very unhappy come November 1st.

Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!