3 Details To Keep In Mind About Orthodontic Treatment

Have you decided to move forward with orthodontic treatment for your smile but you are feeling a little anxious? It’s one thing, of course, to think about receiving care. However, as the date for beginning your treatment approaches, you may feel a little antsy about getting started. Rest assured, this is perfectly normal! To help you along through this brief transition, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind.

#1: You’ll Adjust Quickly

At first, it may seem very strange to have aligner trays in your mouth. It may be weird to have brackets and wires on your teeth. After the first day, you might think to yourself, “What on earth have I gotten myself into?” Rest easy. Take a deep breath. You’ll adjust very very quickly! Get through the first day and you’ll find that before you know it, you don’t really notice the treatment anymore (no kidding).

#2: We’ll Explain Everything

Don’t worry. We’re not going to send you home after we get you started with your orthodontic treatment without any instructions. We’ll talk with you at length regarding what to expect, how to care for your particular treatment, what to eat, and more. Of course, if there’s anything you’re still curious about, all you have to do is ask.

#3: It Is Worth It

Remember if you experience a moment when you’re not completely in love with undergoing orthodontic treatment (though we promise, it’s not a very big deal) that it is absolutely worth it. Aligned smiles are less likely to experience bruxism, TMJ disorder, hygiene problems, and more. Plus, they look quite beautiful!

Ask Us Any Orthodontic Treatment Question You Have

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Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!