Orthodontics And Holiday Time: Keep Your Smile Approachable!

Ah, yes! The joy of attending holiday functions, while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. On one hand, you’ll feel wonderful knowing that by this time next year, you’ll probably be done with your course of treatment and your smile will look fantastic. However, right now, what you’re most worried about is getting through parties and meals without food stuck between your brackets and without anyone seeing you pull your clear aligner trays out of your mouth. Don’t worry. We are full of helpful and easy hints.

Hint: Bring A Travel-Size Dental Hygiene Kit

Don’t go overboard and haul around your full-size items. Instead, pack a small bag that includes a travel-size toothpaste, toothbrush, and even some floss (you can use this more than once to maintain your orthodontic treatment). When you need to clean your smile after your meal, your smile will be nice and fresh again.

Hint: Bring Your Storage Container (And Hide!)

Bring any type of storage container you need for your orthodontic treatment, so you may store aligner trays. Take a quick break, head to the bathroom, take the trays out, store them, then return to the table. Super easy!

Hint: Drink, Drink, Drink That Water!

You know that water is good for your smile and for your health. Don’t forget that it can also be very helpful as you eat when it comes to preventing discoloration (maybe you’re sipping red wine or coffee) and to loosen the food that’s getting stuck as you eat. Plus, if you drink water as you eat your meal, you’ll be ready to head to the bathroom for safe, effective dental hygiene once you’re through. Win-win for sure!

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