Trays: 2 Things You Must Remember

Are you wearing clear braces with the use of aligner trays? If so, you know that on one hand, it’s an absolute walk in the park! You don’t need to worry about being inconvenienced during the day if it’s time to eat (you can remove the trays) or if it’s time to brush and floss (again, you may take them out). However, we like to remind you not to get too relaxed with your efforts. Remaining on track will help you not only enjoy an aligned smile but also keep your smile healthy throughout the process. Let’s talk!

#1: You’ve Got To Brush And Floss

Maybe you think that your trays are keeping your teeth and gums protected, sort of like shields. As a result, you might figure you don’t need to worry about brushing and flossing as much when you’re going through clear braces treatment with aligner trays. The truth is: It’s always important. Keep brushing and flossing, so your teeth and gums remain safe.

#2: Those Trays Can Trap Sugars

It’s one thing to drink a soda or juice and then do nothing at all in the way of rinsing or brushing if you’re not undergoing orthodontic care of any kind. Your teeth get coated with sugar and acids, which is not great for them. Your saliva, though, will help rinse the particles away. However, it’s an entirely much more problematic scenario if you’re drinking a beverage without taking your aligner trays out. Your trays will trap some of those particles, which means instead of exposing your smile to them for a little bit, it will become hours and hours! Don’t do this.

Follow Our Care Instructions For Your Treatment

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