Braces And Gingivitis: 3 Tips For Prevention

Braces And Gingivitis: 3 Tips For Prevention

It’s never good to develop gingivitis. As you may have already realized, when you have braces on your teeth, it can become even easier to develop this problem for multiple reasons. First, it’s easier for food to become trapped on brackets and beneath gum tissue. Second, you will need to become more detailed with your dental hygiene, which may seem a little more challenging at first. So, how to avoid adding a periodontal problem into the mix when what you’re trying to do is successfully align your smile? We thought you’d never ask! Allow us to offer all the help you need.

Aligner Trays: Make Good Choices On Halloween

Are you wearing aligner trays as your orthodontic treatment? If so, have you laid out some serious plans for how to manage your treatment on Halloween? Or, are you hoping to simply do your best and you assume that it will all work out beautifully? If it’s the latter, we strongly suggest you take a moment to consider the way festive nights can wreak havoc with your otherwise responsible attention to detail! With some helpful ideas, you can avoid accidents that will leave you very unhappy come November 1st.

Quiz: When You Need Flossing Help

You might need some help with your dental flossing if you are wearing braces. Not to worry! When you go from flossing bare teeth to flossing around orthodontic treatment, such as teeth with brackets connected to one another with wires, things can start to feel a bit complicated. As long as you’re putting forth the effort, you’re halfway there! As for how to succeed, our quiz will offer helpful advice.

Orthodontic Care: When You Need It

There are times when you simply want orthodontic care. For instance, you have a single tooth that’s just not allowing your smile to look completely symmetrical and uniform because of its slightly off-kilter placement. Then there are smiles that are just a little bit crooked but not so much so that it affects your bite to a significant degree (it just doesn’t look so hot). On the other hand, there are moments when you need orthodontic treatment for your oral health. Let’s talk about when this might occur.

How Can I Draw Attention Away From My Orthodontic Treatment?

We know that one of the things you would love to accomplish while you receive orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile follows: You would love it if nobody noticed your treatment! Whether you’re wearing aligner trays or brackets, the same sentiment typically applies. So, how to do your best to draw attention away from your smile until it’s free of an orthodontic system and ready for you to put on full display? Take a few suggestions into consideration.

2 Dental Hygiene Products To Consider

Are you wearing braces as your orthodontic treatment for an aligned smile? Perhaps you’re going through treatment with clear aligner trays. The good news is that no matter what you’re using to attain a straight smile, we have some dental hygiene suggestions that will help you feel wonderful about your smile care at home. Remember, the cleaner you keep your teeth and gums the better. Not only will your smile look uniform but it will be a glowing beauty, too!

Your Newly Straight Smile: Maintaining Alignment

There are those moments in your life that you will remember forever. One of them, believe it or not, will probably be the moment you behold your straight smile in the mirror for the first time. While the experience certainly calls for a round of picture taking and celebration, it is also a moment that you may mark by planning for the future of your smile. From our own experience and professional perspective, we strongly encourage you to consider our advice when it comes to maintaining your smile alignment. Good news: It’s easy.

Orthodontic Treatment: Process Details

The end of your orthodontic treatment includes a smile you love looking at in the mirror. A smile that makes you feel wonderful and that you’re not shy about others seeing. This is easy to think about and feel confident about! Now, for the introduction to your orthodontic care and the process that guides you toward this finish line: If you don’t know what to expect, it can leave you coming up with all sorts of ideas that may or may not be accurate. We’d like to help keep your spirits up and to encourage you to align your smile, so let’s sort through some important process details with you. It’s sure to help.

Powerprox: 3 Exciting Advantages

If you’re narrowing down the type of orthodontic treatment you think you need and the Powerprox treatment is at the top of your list, it can be helpful to review some of the major advantages. Of course, we encourage you to remember that you won’t have to make this big decision all on your own. We will be there to help you every step of the way to ensure you’re taking the best possible pathway toward your aligned smile. Now, about those benefits…

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