The Real Concerns About Crooked Teeth

The appearance of your smile is a significant concern when your teeth are crooked. After all, your smile is a dominant feature of your overall appearance, and your confidence in it can have a strong impact on your self-confidence. Nevertheless, there are several deeper concerns about crooked teeth than just your smile’s appearance. When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, your smile is at a significantly higher risk of several types of dental health issues. Therefore, correcting crooked teeth plays a more important role than just improving your self-confidence.

Your Newly Straight Smile: Maintaining Alignment

There are those moments in your life that you will remember forever. One of them, believe it or not, will probably be the moment you behold your straight smile in the mirror for the first time. While the experience certainly calls for a round of picture taking and celebration, it is also a moment that you may mark by planning for the future of your smile. From our own experience and professional perspective, we strongly encourage you to consider our advice when it comes to maintaining your smile alignment. Good news: It’s easy.

Orthodontic Treatment: Process Details

The end of your orthodontic treatment includes a smile you love looking at in the mirror. A smile that makes you feel wonderful and that you’re not shy about others seeing. This is easy to think about and feel confident about! Now, for the introduction to your orthodontic care and the process that guides you toward this finish line: If you don’t know what to expect, it can leave you coming up with all sorts of ideas that may or may not be accurate. We’d like to help keep your spirits up and to encourage you to align your smile, so let’s sort through some important process details with you. It’s sure to help.

Things To Remember As You Begin Care

As you begin your orthodontic care treatment, you may have a good idea about what you’re supposed to be doing. After all, we will go over the details with you and provide you with the particulars, so you can have a successful experience with us (and soon, a straight smile!). Along the way, however, while this is still brand new, you may find yourself faced with some questions that may include just a hint of doubt about the choice you’ve made. Not to worry! We are here to remind you of some things to keep in mind as you get started, so you can relax and enjoy the process.

What You Need For Your Misalignment: A Quiz

Do you know what you need for your smile if you are dealing with misalignment of any kind? Are you even sure what type of issue is affecting the alignment of your smile, whether orthodontic care will work, or how to get started? While you may be perfectly accustomed to coming in for preventive and restorative care, addressing the uniformity of your grin can feel like a completely different universe! Rather than feeling hesitant or unsure, simply schedule time to sit down with us to discuss this particular topic. In the meantime, sort out some important details with a quiz.

Can Orthodontics Help With Headaches?

You might have heard some mention of the fact that orthodontic care can help address headaches. Never one to ignore something that sounds logical (and would offer you the relief you need), perhaps you’ve been poking around a bit online and asking friends and family members about this detail. Fortunately, it is absolutely possible that your misaligned teeth are contributing to (or simply causing) your chronic discomfort. Curious about why this is the case? Learn a little more and remember to set up a consultation soon if you’re ready to alleviate the issue and to achieve a straight smile.

Six Month Smiles: Lodged Food, Stains, And Solutions

When you’ve chosen Six Month Smiles to correct your misalignment, you are in luck. You get all the benefits of traditional braces without having to deal with metal brackets and wires. Instead, you’ve got clear brackets on your teeth, which we shift with the help of tooth-colored wires! So, your treatment is practically invisible, right? Well, that is, until you get food stuck between your braces or you end up staining the brackets. How to keep your smile clean and your treatment is unnoticeable as ever? We are always ready with some helpful tips on hand!

Treatment According To Your Needs

When you’re making your way through the orthodontic care treatment options that may or may not work for you, something quite clear begins to appear: The fact that not all treatments are made for all types of misalignment. For instance, one treatment that works solely for mild cosmetic needs will not do anything for severe misalignment. To ensure you get started on your journey with a solid foundation of knowledge, let’s break down the details, so you have a much better understanding of which treatment works for your level of alignment needs.

Smile Spaces: What To Do?

Do you have a single space that rests between your two front teeth? Maybe you have some very slim spaces between a few teeth that cause individual teeth to look somewhat narrow. Then again, perhaps your entire smile is quite spaced out and you wish you could close the gaps, so your smile was easier to clean, looked better, and was less likely to trap food while eating. The good news is that you have multiple options. Find out more regarding whether you need orthodontic care for a better smile and how to get started.

Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!