3 Good Reasons To Choose Orthodontics For 2017

2017peopleHave you noticed that as 2017 approaches, you feel more and more enthusiastic about addressing your misalignment with orthodontic care? However, every time you take one step forward in convincing yourself it’s a good idea, you then tend to take two steps back? We encourage you to get rid of any preconceived notions you have been carrying around with you regarding whether moving forward is worth it. If your smile is misaligned, aligning it is always beneficial. Let’s help you consider some reasons why a straighter smile is a great choice for the New Year.

Orthodontics: For A Lifelong Healthy Smile

womanjumpingforjoyHave you ever heard someone mention that orthodontic care protects your smile? If so, you may have laughed to yourself, wondering how such a thing might be possible. Or, you may have felt a spark of hope (after all, it gives you a very substantial, health-based reason to seek a straighter smile). Though you might have some trouble conjuring up the ways orthodontics can act preventively to protect your oral health, you will certainly quickly become familiar with what makes this true (and how it can benefit you for a lifetime).

Bruxism And Misalignment

womancoveringmouthHave you been diagnosed with bruxism and told that a primary contributor to this problem is your misalignment? Are you fully on board with the idea of achieving a straight smile through orthodontic treatment but you’re having a hard time connecting the dots? Bruxism on its own can cause enough confusion, let alone adding details about your bite and braces into the mix. To help you understand what’s going on and quickly begin improving your oral health, we recommend you consider some helpful information.

2 Causes Of Misalignment

2redThe good news is that there’s a way for you to enjoy a beautiful, aligned smile, thanks to orthodontic treatment that shifts teeth into place. In fact, there are multiple options to ensure we can address your particular type of malocclusion with as much efficiency and convenience as possible. However, you may still wonder why your teeth are not aligned. There are a couple primary reasons this may affect your smile. Let’s explore what might have happened as you begin your journey to re-organize those teeth.

Should I Call You? Or Trust The Internet?

womanwonderingyellowDo you have questions about your current orthodontic treatment? Perhaps you are interested in receiving clear braces or another type of system but you don’t know whether you qualify. While you can certainly gain a lot of accurate knowledge online if you are being extremely careful about your sources (our blog and website are reliable, for instance) then you will be receiving information you can trust. However, when it comes to answers about your unique smile care, it’s important that you call us. Learn more about why a consultation is essential.

What is Malocclusion? And Other Crooked Teeth Questions

what is malocclusion and other crooked teeth questionsMalocclusion is the technical term for teeth that don’t fit together properly, and can describe a variety of types of crooked teeth. Like the condition itself, there are also a variety of options for treating it, depending on its severity. The good news is that many adults with malocclusion can find a comfortable, discreet solution with our choice of cosmetic orthodontic systems. Before you choose a treatment, however, we answer a few common questions about crooked teeth, and how you can straighten them with your choice of cosmetic orthodontics.

How Do I Address My Misalignment?

questionsmindYou may have some very good intentions for improving the alignment of your smile. In fact, in addition to wanting a straighter, more uniform smile, you may even have some significant reasons for this choice. Perhaps you are dealing with bruxism or other functional concerns that you may improve by adjusting your bite. What you might not be so familiar with, however, is where to begin when seeking orthodontic care. Don’t worry – though this may feel somewhat overwhelming at first, we are here to walk you through the process.

Why Do Adults Develop Crooked Teeth?

why do adults develop crooked teethA child’s first set of teeth (primary teeth, or baby teeth) can become crooked as they develop, and could require interceptive treatment to straighten them so they grow properly. In adults, however, permanent teeth are fully developed, and even though they may have always been straight, adult teeth can wind up crooked for several other reasons.

The good news is that, even as an adult, you still have options for straightening crooked teeth and restoring the beautiful, symmetrical smile of your youth. The even better news is that, for many patients, straighter teeth can be achieved without the need for conventional, conspicuous metal braces.

Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!