Age-Related Orthodontic Questions: Answered

There’s something about orthodontic treatment that results in a lot of age-related questions from our patients. Some wonder if they’re too old. Others have questions about when care can begin. Then, there are several topics in between. We understand that an aligned smile is a major priority in your life both for your oral health and for your confidence! To ensure you know who can access care and what to expect, we’ve pulled together a brief Q&A session of essential facts.

FAQs: Soreness And Swelling

When you receive orthodontic treatment for your smile, what you look forward to is a straight smile. What you don’t look forward to but are willing to deal with, of course, is the fact that you’ll need to remain very detail oriented when it comes to following care instructions to ensure you remain comfortable and you keep your smile healthy (while your treatment progresses appropriately). So, what to do if you notice soreness or swelling? Are these problems or just par for the course? Let us offer explanations to frequently asked questions.

Orthodontics: Addressing Common Misconceptions

Where would you say that you are at the moment when it comes to your orthodontic treatment journey? Is it something you’re thinking about but you’re not at all sure if orthodontics can help your smile? If so, you may find yourself bogged down by uncertainty, assumptions, hearsay, and more. What you likely need, so you can begin moving forward toward a plan for a straight smile, is to have some common misconceptions cleared up! Get started with some factual details and give us a call, so we can talk about your smile and how to align it!

Financing A Straighter Smile: Your FAQs

The moment you decide it’s time for orthodontic treatment to make your smile the lovely, healthy feature you deserve is generally the moment you find you have questions and concerns. For a lot of our patients, the primary concern revolves around the costs associated with care and how to cover those costs. To help you out with the relief you’re seeking and the answers you need, we suggest you begin with our FAQs session. Then, call us with any additional questions!

FAQs About Powerprox

FAQschalkAs you begin your journey into discovering which orthodontic treatment is going to best serve your smile needs, you may find that we suggest the Powerprox system for you. While you may have heard of braces and clear aligner trays before, chances are good that this is something with which you are completely unfamiliar. Fortunately, by coming to us to learn more, you can have all of your questions answered. In the meantime, we would like to offer a quick FAQs session as a springboard into the education you’re soon to acquire.

What is Malocclusion? And Other Crooked Teeth Questions

what is malocclusion and other crooked teeth questionsMalocclusion is the technical term for teeth that don’t fit together properly, and can describe a variety of types of crooked teeth. Like the condition itself, there are also a variety of options for treating it, depending on its severity. The good news is that many adults with malocclusion can find a comfortable, discreet solution with our choice of cosmetic orthodontic systems. Before you choose a treatment, however, we answer a few common questions about crooked teeth, and how you can straighten them with your choice of cosmetic orthodontics.

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