Ortho-Tain® in Katy, TX

Removable Appliances for Children and Adults

Traditionally, clear aligners have been most beneficial for older teens and adults with mild to moderate malocclusion. However, with Ortho-Tain’s innovative series of clear appliances, even children as young as five years old can now enjoy the benefits of brace-less orthodontics!

What Is Ortho-Tain®?

Ortho-Tain® is a comprehensive system of clear orthodontic appliances, comprised of different series designed to address the unique concerns of specific age groups. Unlike other clear braces systems, Ortho-Tain® can offer more targeted treatment for children with a variety of tooth alignment issues. Ortho-Tain® appliances include:

What Are the Advantages of Ortho-Tain®?

By providing a number of customized clear aligner options for children five and older, Dr. Lathrop can utilize Ortho-Tain® to create an orthodontic plan that makes your child’s treatment easier and more convenient. If your child is anxious about wearing traditional braces, Ortho-Tain® can provide a more comfortable option that’s targeted specifically to your child’s needs. For older teen and adult patients, Ortho-T® may be able to offer the same benefits.

Is This Treatment Right for Me?

As an alternative to traditional braces and other clear aligner systems, Ortho-Tain® allows a greater number of patients to enjoy the many benefits of clear, cosmetic orthodontics. To find out if Ortho-Tain® is right for you or your child, schedule a consultation by calling the Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, today at 832-437-3849.

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