Orthodontic FAQs in Katy, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that patients are often familiar with metal braces but do not know about the comfortable alternatives we offer at Lathrop Dental Center. To provide you with the information you seek, we have gathered some answers to our patients’ frequently asked questions. We encourage you to contact us with additional questions, so our friendly team can quickly provide you with a response and schedule your consultation.

Do I Qualify For Orthodontic Treatment?

If your teeth suffer from misalignment, you will most likely qualify for orthodontic treatment. However, your candidacy will rest on an examination performed by Dr. Lathrop. He will look at your teeth and will use advanced imaging, such as X-rays, for a more detailed look at your occlusion. If you suffer from oral disease or require certain restorative treatments, Dr. Lathrop may suggest restoring your oral health before beginning orthodontic care. Or, if your smile is composed of fixed prosthetics like dental bridges, Dr. Lathrop may need to offer alternative solutions. Rest assured, our goal is to offer comfortable visits, while helping you achieve your desired end result.

Which System Is Right For Me?

You will find out which system is best for you during an initial consultation with Dr. Lathrop. Every patient is different, which means the system that works best for your friend may not provide you with optimal results. Dr. Lathrop strives to offer patients one-on-one attention and completely personalized care. He will discuss your options and assist you in choosing the system best suited to your unique smile.

What Can I Expect From Orthodontic Care?

You will begin treatment by visiting the office for your initial consultation. Dr. Lathrop will create a personalized care plan and explain your treatment. We will take impressions of your top and bottom teeth to provide us, or a lab, with a model on which to base your treatment. You will visit us once every four to six weeks, unless otherwise specified by Dr. Lathrop, for follow-up visits. You may experience an adjustment period when you first receive your braces, but you will quickly speak clearly and will likely forget you are wearing trays or braces.

How Long Will It Take?

Treatment times vary from patient to patient. Dr. Lathrop will provide you with an estimate, which may change slightly during treatment. For Powerprox and Six Month Smiles, treatment times typically last approximately six months. For ClearCorrect, you can expect treatment for approximately one to two years.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer payment and financing solutions, so every patient can achieve a beautifully aligned smile.

Will My Smile Remain Straight After Treatment?

Your dentist will likely suggest that you wear a retainer after you complete your treatment to ensure your smile remains in its new alignment. Thanks to advances in orthodontics, a variety of low-visibility retainers make maintaining your smile an enjoyable experience.

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