Powerprox in Katy, TX

PowerproxHidden Braces, Fast Results

Do you suffer from minor misalignment that makes you feel disappointed in the appearance of your smile? Have you shied away from orthodontics because you do not want to deal with a lengthy treatment course or a mouthful of metal? If so, consider Powerprox.

What Is Powerprox?

Powerprox is a cosmetic system that relies on braces and high-tech wires with a total treatment time lasting approximately six months. Dr. Lathrop will either fit you with clear brackets that most onlookers will not be able to see, or he will choose lingual braces that adhere to the backs of your teeth for nearly invisible treatment. Powerprox uses low-force technology to protect your teeth, while offering comfortable treatment. The system incorporates the use of high-tech archwires that “memorize” a particular desired shape even when repositioned. Your dentist will set the shape and secure the wire into your brackets. The wire will then shift your teeth into alignment.

What Are the Advantages of Powerprox?

Powerprox offers patients with minor misalignment the ability to enjoy accelerated treatment, rather than resorting to conventional metal braces. The system relies on protecting your teeth, so you can rest assured that the fast treatment time will not result in damage. The benefits include:

  • You will enjoy a beautiful smile within approximately six months – traditional braces often require a year or more
  • The low-force system means you can expect improved comfort over traditional braces
  • The use of clear or lingual braces means onlookers will not notice your braces
  • Powerprox braces often require fewer visits than traditional braces, which may result in a smaller investment

Is This Treatment Right For Me?

Powerprox is best suited to patients who desire cosmetic improvement for minor misalignment problems. This treatment addresses your entire smile, but it is not designed to improve severe malocclusions.

If you simply wish to improve the alignment of your teeth visible when you smile, Six Month Smiles may offer a better alternative. Or, if you suffer from moderate to severe misalignment, ClearCorrect may offer the solution you need.

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